Gaza suffering from Israeli Siege

When we talk about suffering, there is nothing compared to the suffering we live here every second. It has been a long time since we felt our souls free. We are trapped here in Gaza just like some fishes trapped in a big tank and they cannot go out of it. They eat the food that their owner throw for them in the water, swim all around the tank and live.

Gaza old women suffering
Gaza old women suffering

Our rights became dreams and our dreams became nothing but “a daily life” routine of everyone else living a real life on this earth. The father’s dream is to receive his full salary or even half of it these days. This simple dream of waiting to get his full right is destroyed with all these thoughts about how to pay the bills, get food to his family, get medicine to his sick children, milk to his babies, and clothes for his family. He spends his time counting the days but the hours to the next salary. He waits and this waiting along with these too much thoughts fighting inside of his head, dries the blood in his veins. The mother’s dream is that for the electricity to come at the same time the water comes or else there will be no water for the next few days to come or maybe for the next week. Not to mention the number of things she has to do at once when the electricity is on. She has to iron a mountain of clothes, washes, even a bigger mountain of clothes, vacuum every piece of carpet, charge every electric device need charging, turn on the heater, in addition to filling the tanks with water, in case there is water.
Do you know the dream of the university student these days! It is never to graduate because once he/ she does, he/ she’ll never find a job and if by any chance they got lucky, their job will be a three- month contract then they’ll be back to being unemployed again. Their real big dreams are smashed into small pieces once they graduate.
We live each day to die thousands of times here. Our patients are dying while waiting for the borders to be open. Our kids lose their scholarships waiting to go out of this big prison. They have turned our lives into misery at least this is what they want. We actually breathe siege, here and no one cares!
They’ve imprisoned our bodies but they can never imprison our souls because they were born free. We will continue living and fighting despite all the struggles and hardship we are going through because this land is our right and we can never abandon something we own.